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Subscriptions and SearchSEO credits

SearchSEO credits


When you want to use the full version of SearchSEO, you must select a subscription plan.

To choose a subscription, log in to your account, then click on "buy more credits".

Finally, select the plan that corresponds to your needs, then click on "Buy".

searchseo's traffic bot pricing plan

Once you have subscribed to your subscription, your SearchSEO account will be credited with the amount of your subscription. 

Example: If you subscribe to the Large plan, your account will be credited with a Large credit.

searchseo CTR credits

Once the credit has been added to your balance, you can now create a project by clicking on "create project".

Then select the available credit.

You can now configure your project. 

Feel free to follow our project configuration help guides. 

To know more about

1) You can hold several subscriptions in your account, so you can hold several credits and create several projects.

2) To ensure the continuity of your project, click (from your project page) on "Automatically renew". By checking this box, your project will automatically use the new credit to automatically renew your project.

3) To cancel your subscription, click on the "Billing" tab and then cancel your subscription.