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Create your project: choose your keywords

How to choose your keywords?


When creating your SearchSEO project, keywords must be carefully chosen. 

SearchSEO allows you to generate clicks from search results on targeted keywords.
Nevertheless, each chosen keyword must be ranked in the first 10 pages of the search results.

For our case study, we will use the domain. This domain name operates on the French market, therefore focused on

Adapt this method to your website, taking into account your location.

Using Ubersuggest

Ubbersuggest is a tool to analyze several data necessary for the choice of your keywords. 

Thanks to this FREE application, you will be able to find the positions of your domain name on several keywords according to a country.

First of all, create an account Ubersuggest using your Google account and then sign in to your account dashboard.

Once on your Dashboard, click on the "Keywords" section, and follow the instructions below.


1) In the "URL" section, input your domain name.

2) Choose the location.

3) Validate the search.

4) Export to CSV file.

Processing of the CSV or Excel file.

Sort by position

Once the CSV file is downloaded, open it.
We will process the results by ranking the positions in ascending order.

Processing the positions in ascending order allows you to eliminate keywords with a position greater than 100 and add keywords with a position less than 100.

choose the right CTR bot keywords

1) Select column D. Right click, then click on "Sort in ascending order".

2) Delete results with a position greater than 100. 

Sort by search volume

After sorting the keywords by position, we will sort them by decreasing search volume.

In order for the effects to benefit your website, it is important to adjust the number of clicks according to the search volume of the keyword in real proportions.

That is why we will divide the (monthly) search volume by 30, to get the daily volume. Then we will calculate 1/3 of the daily volume. We will generate 33% of the daily clicks, which equals ≃33% of CTR.

sort by search volume

1) Select column C, then right-click and click on "Sort in descending order".

2) Allocate the formula "=(X/30)*0.33" to all cells in column C.

3) Rounding the results up to the next whole number

Add keywords to your project

Login to your dashboard to add the keywords to your SearchSEO Dashboard

Go to your project page, then enter the keywords and the number of clicks/day for each of them rounded up.

add keywords

You can now save your project!