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Triggering Google Suggests

How to make your site appear in Google Suggest with SearchSEO.


Google Suggest is the semi-automatic completion feature that Google has implemented in its search engine.

This feature allows Internet users to obtain relevant suggestions associated with a specific request.

For companies, having their name displayed as a Google suggestion when the Internet user makes a query allows them to get more qualified traffic, but above all to improve their e-reputation.

SearchSEO allows you to increase the success rate of your business in triggering Google Suggest

What is google suggest bot ?

How Google Suggests work

To know the benefits of SearchSEO in the development of Google Suggests, it is necessary to know the Google criteria for a suggestion to be triggered.

Google Suggests depends on :

- The relevance of your website according to the research done
- The age of your domain name
- The language and localization of the Internet user
- The volume of search on the keyword
- The trend on the keyword (the more the keyword is searched in a short period of time, the higher its trend)

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Statement from Google :
"[...] We look at the actual searches that are done on Google and show common searches and trends that are relevant to the characters entered and that are also related to your location and previous searches."

SearchSEO can act on 3 of the 5 factors that trigger Google Suggests. 

Follow the guide to set up your project correctly.

How do I trigger Google Suggest with SearchSEO?

Language and localization

SearchSEO makes it possible to generate clicks from the Google search engine from targeted keywords, but especially from a targeted location and a targeted browser. 

More than 150 countries are available. 

When you choose a country, such as France, searches are made from with the Chrome browser in English. The language of the visitor will therefore be listed as French (fr).

If you choose the United States, then searches will be made from, using the Chrome browser in English. The language of the visitor will therefore be listed as English.

If you want to generate Google suggests on in French language, choose the location of clicks in France from your SearchSEO project page.

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Keyword's search volume and Trends

To display your business name as a Google suggestion, you will need to determine a long tail keyword (+3-4 words) with a search volume greater than 200 searches per month, to use it and add your business name to it.

Ps: Simply adding your company name to the long tail keyword is not enough. Your company must be relevant  with the theme of this keyword.

Let's take an example: You want the name of your restaurant "Napoli" to appear when an Internet user types "Restaurant Capbreton".

In your SearchSEO project, you'll need to generate organic searches from the keyword "Capbreton Napoli Restaurant".

As the keyword "Restaurant Capbreton" has a search volume of 6600/mo, it is recommended to generate at least 100 searches/day on the keyword "Restaurant Capbreton Napoli". 

What's that all about? To :
- Increase the volume of keyword searches
- Create a trend around your keyword

manipuler artificiellement les google suggests avec un CTR bot

In conclusion

Increasing the volume of searches on a keyword that includes your company name over a given period of time triggers Google Suggest.

Although SearchSEO acts on the trend of your keywords, their monthly search volume, and the geographical location of searches, we do not act on the relevance of your website on the search term, nor on the age of your domain. 

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