The Ultimate Guide to create your project properly

Set up your project (from 1 to 3)

Set up your project

1_ Choose a plan

If you are a "free" user choose the "Free" package. In case you are a paying user, choose from the available project sizes.

Depending on the size of the project, you have more or less options.

You can compare the different options there : Package benefits

2_ Name of your project

Choose a relevant and easily recognizable project name

3_ Website URL

Enter only your domain URL such as "" - Do not add a page (ex:
Whether you want to target a specific page or not, enter your domain name such as "".

If from a keyword we find a page containing your domain, then the target page will be clicked.


-> Your domain name is "" - You enter this domain name on your SearchSEO project.
-> You enter the keyword "Rent Car Los Angeles". From this keyword, the page "" is ranked.

Then the click will be made on the page "" because it contains your domain "".

Set up your project (from 4 to 9)

Set up From 4 to 9

Open your Google analytics account and Go to Acquisition > Overview. Open now.

Google Analytics

4_ Choose a country

Choose the country for which you want to improve your position. You will receive organic clicks from the chosen location.

If your business is located in the United States for example, choose United States.

5_ Mobile Search

In your Google analytics : Audience > Mobile > Overview
Select the rate corresponding to the average mobile rate of your website.

You can find this value from your Google analytics, or other traffic analysis tools.

6_ Bounce Rate

If your bounce rate is between 0% and 30%, add the value corresponding to the average of the last 30 days on your Google Analytics for your website.

In case your bounce rate is between >=30% and 100%, add a value between 30% and 50%.

In our example, we'll choose 35% as the initial Bounce rate is >60%

A low bounce rate indicates to Google that your website is appreciated by visitors, appear as relevant and get ranked higher.

7_ Pages visited per session

Take the average number of page views per session and add 1 to 2 page views.

In our example, we have chosen 4 as the initial Page per session is 2.3

8_ Pages visited per session

Take the average number of page views per session and add 1 to 2 page views.

In our example, we have chosen 4 as the initial Page per session is 2.3

9_ Scrolling

Scrolling is when a user scroll up and/or down on web-page. It shows to Google that users have interaction with your website.
Choose None if you've Mini Plan. If you've a Medium plan, choose from low to random.

Traffic during the week (10)

The traffic during the week allows you to reduce or intensify the number of clicks according to the days of the week
💡 If you have a package giving 100 clicks per day - and you set TDW at 90% for monday, then you'll receive approx. 90 clicks/100


To properly set up this feature, use your traffic analytics tool like Google Analytics, and look at the days you get the most traffic.

Then set up the feature according to your data for each day

Add Keywords

In our example, we're finding the keywords with Google Search Console. You can use an others methods/tool to find your keyword.

Use Google Search Console

Thanks to the search console, you can see which keywords your domain is ranked on Google for a given location.

Choose the results for the last 7 days, and sort the positions in ascending order.
If the location you have chosen in your SearchSEO project is United States, then sort the keywords in the search console according to the country United States.

Choose your keywords & add to your SearchSEO project

Select only those keywords that are in the top 100 and add them to your SearchSEO project.
Then assign a desired number of clicks per day (30-50% of you daily keyword clicks is recommended)

In our example, all keywords can be selected except "Google suggest" because it is referenced in 117th position in the United States.

Add keywords

You're all done! ✅ Now you can track the clicks

You can now create your project and all clicks sent from SearchSEO will be trackable with your statistic page from your SearchSEO project, or directly from your Google Search Console.
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