How to avoid getting Keyword "Not found"

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to add keyword which are ranked in Top 100 from the chosen location.

If you get a not found result shortly after creating your campaign, it means that your domain name, or the page on which you want to receive clicks is not referenced in the first 100 results from the selected keyword

How to choose your keywords?

Use Google Search Console

Thanks to the search console, you can see which keywords your domain is referenced on Google for a given location.

Choose the results for the last 7 days or most recent date and sort the positions in ascending order.
If the location you have chosen in your SearchSEO project is United States, then sort the keywords in the search console according to the country United States.

Choose your keywords

Select only those keywords that are in the top 100 and add them to your SearchSEO project. Then assign a desired number of clicks per day

In our example, all keywords can be selected except "Google suggest" because it is referenced in 117th position in the United States.
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